As fast as we are trying to update our jobs, we aren't the only only ones. Lot of people are helping each other out, making a list of resourced which could be useful as well.

Layoffs and Hiring freezes:

  • Parachute, put together by the team at Rocket is helping people who are affected find jobs quickly.
  • David, CTO if Candor is compiling a list here
  • Blind has this thread of companies that are doing layoffs, hiring and hiring freezes. It's coming from anonymous employees.
  • is maintaining a comprehensive list as well


This is a list of people who are amazing and started threads on social media to get companies to share who's hiring.



  • 100 developer jobs - Nader Dabit started this thread on Twitter which he turned into a blog post


Recruiting/People Ops: 

  • List of startups hiring recruiting and people ops folks here.